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"What Is Scrumix ? Scrumix is an agile project management sofware which aims to make project management easy and affordable without compromising features nor usability"

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Scrumix agile project management software runs on cloud meaninig projects and tasks can be used without need to install any software by just using web browser.

It's also possible to download and install Scrumix project management application locally into your own server, see Download section.

SSL encryption creates secured trusted connection between you and application keeping your data secure. All traffic is encrypted using industrial standard mehods.

Scrumix project management application also support authorization with user groups.

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Scrumix application platform contains a file store for your important project data files right in your projects data storage. All files can be easily accessed using Scrumix's file browser.

Agile Project Management
Originally started as a way to manage software development but is now used to manage almost any kind of projects and can be used for anything.In Agile projects, the project is divided into small chunks called sprints that consist of tasks for 1 to 3 weeks. Shorter sprints makes it easier to prioritize project releases as Releases are done regularly. In Agile projects Developers and product owners are in contact daily while the stakeholders are to determine the key features.
Agile Project
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Product Backlog
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Project backlog includes all the planned features of the project. Building a backlog starts with planning where goals and features are being planned by development team. Backlog must be easy to track where tasks and users stories are odered through priority. Product backlog should never be locked in and the project team is encouraged to add tasks and user stories into the backlog as the project evolves. In most cases, project lead is in charge of prioritizing

Scrum Project
Scrum starts with a planning meeting where product development is divided into 1 - 3 week periods called sprints. Sprint is a time when work has to be ready for review. During meeting all product features are groupped together into tasks called user stories and are ranked based on priority. After ranking stories are estimated how long each task will take. Complexity of user stories is determined by story points which is a number between 1 - 3. During sprints there is daily meetings where team discusses progress and challenges. It's also important not add tasks to running sprint. After sprint is completed there is a review meeting where completed story points are calculated and sprint is reviewed.
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